Meet Kalli

Meet Kalli

Hi! My name is Kalli. I am the alluded-to and mysterious new full time employee and collaborator of Atticus & Co. I’m beyond excited to be here! My position comes after many talks and vision casting sessions with our incredible owner and is thanks to the ongoing support of customers like you. Without you, I would not be writing this blog, so I thank you. Simply by shopping our store you are generating some good in our world.

About me: where to begin? I could drone on about my job experience or hair color but does that capture the essence of me? It doesn’t (in part because I frequently change my hair color). 

Atticus & Co is an experience. It’s a space that makes you feel with all your senses, makes you want to do, be, and shop “the good”. With that in mind I’ll give you an intro that says more about my “why”.

Where I find the good:

Music. Always music. The beat reverberating in your sternum and the energy of a crowd at a live show. That je nais se quois of being surrounded by people feeling what you’re feeling, and the artistry of the music transporting you to a different level that words can never quite convey. How do we communicate in a fashion that’s more than words and expresses who we are as whole, vibrant beings with a source of inner light and the tune of the divine pulsing through us? I think we can capture it through other sources, in the music of the natural world, in the unique creations of makers and craft people, in quality items that engage all our senses.

Travel. New environments, people, cultures, and creations spark a light in my soul. I’m reminded of the Led Zeppelin lyric “many times I’ve wondered how much there is to know”. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow in the wild world. There are spaces to experience the Glory, Majesty, and Beauty of creation and human variation. I delight in the process of learning and want to bring pieces of what I’ve seen to my current home. Can Athens benefit from inspiration from the grandeur of the French Alps, the architecture of Eastern Europe, the relaxation and raw beauty of the Caribbean isles, the unique offerings of our nation’s parks? I think so!

Relationships: I live in Athens after living in deep east Texas, Austin, and France (okay that was only one summer but I’m still counting it) for family, and friends who have become family. I have found a community here that is tied to our collective desire to cultivate a space where we feel whole, heard, and supported. I love and support the initiatives around town to create community and support small businesses. I’m thrilled to be a part of that growth and network!

In my day to day I find good in spending time with my daughter and husband, anything involving animals and plants, yoga, CrossFit, healthy vegetarian (is that considered a bad word in Athens?) cooking, being outside, making art and (amateur) interior design.

I dream of creating beauty in a world that sometimes seems ugly. I want to be a part of a space you enter and see the employees working hard to create a positive experience for you. 

Where you can take a deep breath and do some self care, or express your generosity and thoughtfulness in a gift to make someone smile. 

I want to support the small businesses and high quality artisans out there by introducing them to new communities. 

I want you to see the good that I see in the world.

With that, I hope you’ll stop by and say “hi”. I hope you’ll linger in the shop over a coffee on Saturday, or to smell the amazing candle burning on a weekday. I hope you’ll tell me a little bit about how you find the good. I look forward to meeting you!

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