About Us

Our Story

Atticus & Co. aims to be a space where GOOD is happening. We've always gravitated towards the good. Whether it was learning the ropes while working for a great boss, finding a coffee spot with just the right atmosphere, or being a small part of a valuable experience, finding the good has been our life's heartbeat.  

We're about community, too. After living abroad as a family in Uganda working for the NGO Sixty Feet, we learned that community is vital for fullness of life. We loved our time there and back at home now in Texas, we seek that same sense of belonging.  

So we decided to take those ideas and create a place in downtown Athens that inhabits what we love - a place for community, exploration, learning, growing, and expanding.

Inspired by the wise and good Atticus Finch, one of our favorite characters, we want to help you find the good. Whether it's an exciting new product, a brand that expands your awareness, products that focus on (our favorite) the outdoors & adventures, or a great cup of coffee with bonus conversation, we want you to find it here.

You can be sure to Find the Good at our place. Anytime. You are welcome.

  • Social Good

    Brands and makers who give back. Whether that's donating portions of their profits or empowering underserved demographics and communities, we call that Good.

  • Sustainable

    Recycled or renewable materials, low impact production, efficient logistics, and products designed to do more with less. It's all Good.

  • Texas Makers

    We're proud to call the Lone Star State home, and we're proud to source high quality products right in our back yard.

  • Quality Materials

    It's the difference between Horween, Top Grain, and Genuine leather. Gold vermeil, filled, and plated. Organic, ethically sourced, and wild foraged.

  • Emphasis on Outdoors

    We think some of life's most valuable lessons are learned outdoors. We source products to take along on your next adventure, or that support our nation's parks.

  • Craftsmanship

    Handmade and distinctive, we look for makers who know the difference between single use and something that will last generations.

Be The Good

When A&Co. opened our doors in 2020, we had a strong desire to not only help you “Find the Good”, but we wanted to “Be the Good” in our community, as well. That’s why we made the commitment to donate a portion of our quarterly sales to organizations and individuals that Do Good in their communities.

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