Be The Good

 When A&Co. opened our doors in 2020, we had a strong desire to not only help you “Find the Good”, but we wanted to “Be the Good” in our community, as well. That’s why we made the commitment to donate 3% of our quarterly sales to organizations that Do Good in their communities. (See the list of donation recipients here.)

Now in our third year, that reckless pursuit of “Being the Good” has not wavered. This year, we are giving quarterly $2,000 scholarships to area students pursuing degrees or certifications that will help them “Be the Good” in their community, as well.

Our first quarter recipient was Taaron Hall. You can find out more about him on our Instagram.

Please complete the application below to be considered for our Quarter 2 scholarship, or you can nominate someone other than yourself. 

We are eager and excited to help YOU “Be the Good”!