Seasons Change....

Seasons Change....

At the shop, it's out with the dark tones of winter and in with bright colors of spring. Flips flops arrive, shorts and tanks are on their way, and the holidays and big events of the season (Easter, Mother's Day, Graduation, etc.) take their natural place in our minds' to do list.  It is the cycle of life. The cycle of shop seasons.

Last year, we were getting ready for our One Year Anniversary party at the beginning of June. Now, I'm making plans for our two year.  How did we get here?? I still laugh at some of the early mistakes made, and I smile at the growth that came from it. It's almost like I finally (kind of) know what I'm doing...except I don't. Still learning is more like it.  

At home we're experiencing a season of change, too. Our oldest is just a handful of Saturdays away from graduating high school.  She will go through the rite of passage we experienced when we turned our tassels and said, "Now what?".  You think you're so old....and you are. Old for a lot of things.  Whataburger midnight hangs slowly become a place for the "young kids". You enter the adult world of real jobs or college, where caffeine-fueled papers are due by midnight.  You struggle with the highs and lows of finances, co-workers, and relationships. You bounce back and forth between relishing independence and wishing you were a kid again.

And personally, in my mid-40's now, the winds of change knocked me around in previous decades, but things feel a little more settled now.  I see what's in front of me, but I know things don't always go to plan. The all-knowing unknown.  Thankfully, I'm not doing this alone. And I'm not doing this without the wisdom earned from the first four decades of life.

Which brings me back around to the coming spring season.  It feels like the world is pretty dreary right now, so it's no shock that some color and sun will do us all good.  We need to emerge out of the winter, get a pedicure and breathe in a fresh sense of hope and renewal.  Hopefully, the world will come along with us......

Cheers to change.
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