Three Years In....What I've Learned

Three Years In....What I've Learned

This past June, Atticus & Co. celebrated our third anniversary. Three years since taking an idea seed, planting it, watering and pruning, and watching it grow. 

I'm glad the seed got planted. Taken out of my head and made real. I hate to use the over-used "life is short", but life IS short. I knew there would be regrets if I didn't take the chance, and here we are. NOW what?

Yeeesh. There's pressure there, and I kind of like where we are at right now. I'd say we're in a sweet spot. Atticus knows itself. We know where we started and the values we started with. We're okay making mistakes because we know it makes us better. Our processes and systems are lined out thanks to our "process and systems" minded-folks.  Our team is steady, our customers are incredible. We aren't in "survival mode" and one or two bad sales days don't make me start updating my resume anymore.

There have been some let downs this year. Our little shop will not be moving to a larger space as we had hoped. That's been a tough decision process, but it's okay. Some doors aren't meant to be forced open. 

And if I'm being honest, which I try to be, the up and down thrills of owning a shop those first few years have turned into a nice, rhythmic stroll where I'm allowing myself not to be there so much.  My creative personality burns through and out quickly, so pacing and balance is a necessity. I'm glad I'm at an age where I know this about myself and can create boundaries to help me navigate.

So....what's next?
I just don't know. I don't have any big ideas.

I know that I still enjoy getting to be creative. I know I enjoy the folks I work with. I know the town of Athens needs small businesses and the square has so much potential. I know I still enjoy being a space where we may sell "things", but we can offer much more....positivity, giving back to the community, a space to take a breath and moment for yourself.

So for now, I'm going to be okay with being three and moving into four with some added confidence, but maybe not any monumental ideas.....not knowing or trying to press to see what's around the bend. The past three years have blessed me enough to be content with the current view. And I'm definitely okay with that.


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