To Grow or Not to Grow....That IS the Question

To Grow or Not to Grow....That IS the Question

Nearly two years ago, we leased a space that had potential but needed work.  It was on the square in downtown Athens, but tucked away in the back.....hidden where you really have to be looking for it.  The space had good bones and beautiful windows, but years of "art studio earthiness” and dark, dank old building vibes concealed much of the potential. (Back in the day, we hear it used to house hogs and other you get the gist.)

But we had a good feeling.  And as always, I trust my gut.  We signed papers to lease, on the basis of "seeing if the idea even works".  We had a vision of what we wanted to start here in Athens, but we had no idea if it would work....and this small space was a small step for answers to those questions.

Well, it's worked.  Athens showed up and our sweet customers keep returning.  And now....we're busting at the seams.

The space my family worked so hard to make aesthetically pleasing and inviting has now become a home....but much like when your family grows, sometimes that home needs more space.

It's a perfect fit…for now. But if we ever intend to grow or push our boundaries and move Atticus 1.0 to Atticus 2.0, we're gonna need more room.

And THAT is the question. Continue on with a shop that works and we love our space?  Or move to Atticus 2.0 where ideas swishing around in our heads can be released and brought to life?  Atticus 2.0 where we shift closer to the authentic, original idea of a premier, elevated destination space.

I love business ownership.  It's questions like these that keep me up at night.....and also keep the flutter in my heart and creative mind active.  The "should we, shouldn't we?" questions. The "we are good, or let's keep moving" decisions.  The risks. The intentional planning. The long talks on my porch of the why's, how's, and if's.

When you've put your hand to something that inspires you daily and you truly enjoy, mannnnn....that's a good place to be. I'm thankful.  And I'm thankful to you, who continue to make this possible. Atticus 1.0 could never even be dreaming of Atticus 2.0 if it weren't for you.

Thanks for reading and dreaming along with me....feel free to DM me your thoughts on 2.0 if you have them!
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